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Some years ago, our Helix Instructors requested this training, because it has "brand" recognition in the energy-interested world. We thought it would be energy business as usual. Oh, were we ever wrong! 
None of us were completely prepared for the potency that resulted from the newer design to passing the attunements. The sacred responsibility Temple Academies took towards honoring Reiki's origins and offering a clean, unencumbered presentation of this uncomplicated but powerful healing art led to a wonderful, surprising gift from the energy "devas". 
It combines more than one lineage, including a primary one that bypassed the Hayashi to Takata line.

I had heard and witnessed so much mythological bull regarding Reiki's history and practices that I was determined to thoroughly research and faithfully relay its origins and for lack of a better word - spiritual technology.  I know when I use inflammatory terms like mythological bull, it sounds critical - and it is - but not because of a lack of respect for Reiki.  Rather, it is because of a sincere respect for not only Reiki but all energy medicine practices that I used to just shake my head over the excesses and ingenuousness of many of its practitioners.  It was similar to my reaction to practicing astrologers who would dress up in a turban and flowing robes to impress the public at body mind and spirit fairs.  My mother was an extremely accomplished, very professional accredited astrologer and many of her colleagues embarrassed her for much the same reasons.

Because of Reiki's simplicity and ease of passing, an unforeseen consequence of the ease of it all - once it escaped the confines of the somewhat rigid aristocracy of Helen Takata's heirs - came to pass.  It spread like wildfire and many people took it without understanding at all the origins from which it had emanated.  

In Master Usui's day the empowerments that activated Reiki came out of a wide array of meditative practices, treatments and empowerments, and were accompanied by a spiritual, meditative approach to all of life. Reiki's capacity for healing developed as a side-effect of the deeply meditative approach. The manner in which the initiations are passed today was a later development and is to be admired for the ingenuity that created them in the healing crisis crying out in need during a catastrophic period in the 1900's in Japan. Previous to that time they took longer to settle in and needed to be renewed often.

What seemed to develop in the West in lieu of that slow maturation of energy consciousness, was a blend of New Age concepts and myth that got attached to Reiki along with its remarkable healing frequencies that caught the imagination of the energy-hungry public.  But many were naive and new to that world and like many of us in our own naiveté said and did silly things and made unproven and unsupported statements.  Sadly, a lack of proper training and concept structure in which to place the attunements and treatments eventually led to a dilution of the impact of its frequencies. (Not necessarily a bad thing, as I mention in my book)

So that was the situation I had come to understand about the Reiki world when approached by several of our Helix Teachers who wanted to add Reiki to their resume. Some didn't even wish to teach it, just wanted to be able to say that they had it.  Of course that was before we understood the serendipitous outcome of fortunate coincidence that led to a most potent and distinctive brand of Reiki.

First, what happened was I asked several of my students who were Reiki practitioners and master teachers some questions about how they understood the process of passing attunements. Some offered me copies of the material (most of it poorly Xeroxed and unorganized) they were given in what passed for training. A couple of Reiki teachers in Cleveland and I were talking about their training by Catholic nuns, I believe.  I have noticed that the sweetest and most spiritually greed-and-will-to-power-free training often came from these and several other groups of nuns. But the class material - ouch!  So I volunteered to give it coherence, format or re-type the printed material and generally organize it into workbooks they would be proud to hand out in classes. As I gathered my thoughts and inspiration on how I would put these together, I did what I do with my other Temple Academies material: I ran the energy and sat in meditation to see and feel the best way to present the mental approach to the material.  I recall saying out loud as I sat in my office, running the Reiki: "You know, this stuff doesn't move at all."

I found it curious and spoke of it to a practicing Reiki Master who was also one of my Omega students. You see, I was accustomed to the way the Omega coursed through the Central Channel and was looking for something similar.  Now I had been attuned to Reiki several years before out of a complicated barter arrangement I won't go into here, but had never really used it much.  In fact, when I did go to use it, I couldn't bring up the frequency and had to be re-activated by the practicing Reiki Master/Omega student of mine, so I could do what I do and just sit with it as I ran the energy.  When I told her what I'd observed about the not moving part she agreed and said in her unique soft Southern accent: "That's right - it doesn't move, it comes on all over, all at once." That experience and corroboration caused me to observe closely the energy pathways where Reiki travels and develop tools and processes accordingly.

As this was going on, I had a student in for Teacher Training in Helix Energies and she was also another working Reiki Master.  As long as I'd known her, for some reason it had never happened that she ran the Reiki on me.  So I had her run it and after the brief session, turned in astonishment and said: "That's not Reiki!" Oh yes, she countered.  And told me her story of running into a woman a couple decades back who traded her Reiki for something inexpensive and humble.  That woman had taken it from someone known as 'The Fisherman' who then lived in the US, but was quite elderly and had taken his empowerments in Japan from Usui himself, it is said.  It was potent and a strong running river of energy, where everything else I'd experienced was a slow moving stream - clear and sweet but not as vigorous as this.

I later sought my student out and had her run it again and again until I was sure I had fixed the exact frequency permanently in my system.  Thanks to my many years with Matt Schoener I was empowered to do this.

Also thanks to my understanding of how attunements are constructed due to my Omega and Helix work, I was able to improve upon the haphazard processes passed on in a scattered (sometimes deliberately so) fashion by various Masters, starting with Helen Takata.  The attunements I designed take full advantage of Reiki's uniqueness and distinct power. They also contain the remarkable frequency passed on to us from The Fisherman.

So here I go with my own mythology.  Can I prove it?  No. 
Do I accept it as truth? Yes.  For sure, the strain of Reiki that got married to the other strains passed to me by other Teachers is recognizably distinct and useful.

As I say when I give demonstrations of all the Temple Academies processes: "If this speaks to you, you will know if it is for you.  If it doesn't, it's not". 

It's a theme based on the magnetic attraction principle  that undergirds all of our classes taught at Temple Academies.

Rosanne Amato Fischer
Founder, Director - Temple Academies