Energywork & Initiations

How Energy Empowerments Create

More Life in Your Life

And More Spiritual Connection

Across the Bridge of the Soul

From Spirit to You.

This is written by and based on the life of an inadvertent Energywork Master.  Swept up from a career in computer networking into the whirlwind of an unplanned but cosmically ordained Calling as energy Adept, the author shares her adventures and insights with candor and humor.  None of her contributions are theory - all result from actual everyday experience and tried and true methods, and sometimes neat tricks developed on the fly while satisfying an unending demand for energywork.  Decades spent pursuing the road less traveled of Energywork as Practice and Profession result in valuable advice and questions answered for those of similar inclination.

Learn more about the utter compelling magnetic attraction of this fascinating craft, and how Life gets easier in all ways once your personal magnetic force increases through Energywork.

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Energywork and Initiations

Energizing the Law of Attraction

Traveling The Energy Body






The book is organized into two parts,

Part One - Energywork is for Everyone

Part Two - Energywork as a Practice and Profession


Here's a sample listing from one of the

most exciting chapters in the book:


Chapter Four - Ways Energywork adds to your Life  

Energywork -- not an Or, it's an And

Energywork & Healing 

& Emotional Wholeness

& Quiet Mind

& Stress Management

& Sex What no one tells you about Sex and energy work. 
.....Secrets of making your sex life electric with attuned energy !

& Attraction You can use energy work to attract income,
 . ..employment, a mate, clients, sales, new homes, and more!

& Abundance

& Higher Sense Perception

& Prayer

& Meditation

& Transition

& Animals

& Babies

& Transformation