List of Temple Reiki Instructors  
Below we also list the certified teachers, their general location and email contact. 
 Most all of our Instructors travel to other states, as well.

Wilbur Albrecht, Syracuse, NY wil_albrecht AT
Devita Birdwell Caponigro, Hadley, MA devita AT
Anne Carbone, Ann Arbor, MI carbonana AT
Kim Colbert, Hartville, OH helen88kc AT
Rosanne Amato Fischer, Port Richey, FL ropay AT
Melanie Hatton, Columbus, IN   reiki AT
Robert  and Kathy Hedstrom, Minneapolis, MN bob AT
Sonja Hughes, Groesbeck, TX AT 
Alana Martin, Rochester, NY    alanamar AT
Diana Reynolds, Richland, TX dianreyn AT
Judy Summerville, Bloomington, IN  jsummerv AT
John Woodard, Clifton, NJ jwoodard AT